Handmade Nautical Rope Bracelets From Ireland

Niall Nautical Bracelet

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Ahoy, Mate! Sailors, traveler and especially YOU! Fix your style with Bran Marion Nautical Bracelets!

This nautical bracelet collection is everything about the sea.

This is a Sailors handsome, handmade bracelet that gives elegance to your wrist.

It is made of the highest quality, nautical, sailing ropes and a stainless steel anchor. The pure color white with crystal bead will also make a stunning effect to an everyday look for men.

There is no need to worry because the salt water, sun's heat, and weather will not affect the high-quality marine ropes. We also provide a variety of sizes, and it is usually adding one inch to your wrist.

This maritime bracelet comes with a Bran Marion box and classified as a perfect bracelet gift. It is my pleasure to add a gift note if requested.

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May you enjoy, travel everywhere and fall in love with Bran Marion Nautical Jewelry Collection! :) 

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